How to Choose Bathroom Finishes & Accessories: Things You Forgot to Think Of

Bathroom finishes are very important in a bathroom; they can change the entire look of the room. You should choose finishes and accessories that compliment the decor, and the fixtures. 

Chrome: If you have a limited budget, chrome is the best choice. Chrome plating is long-lasting, easy to clean, and goes with pretty much any colour scheme. Chrome is also a great choice because it is much easier to find a variety of accessories with matching chrome finishes than any other type of finish. If you are giving your bathroom a makeover, make it easy on yourself and go with chrome. A chrome shower dispenser, squeegee, and cosmetic vanity mirror will give you the refresh you’re looking for.

Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is a great choice for a higher end look and feel and is rust resistant to ensure your accessories will continue to look brand new for years. If you are going to be making a permanent commitment to a shower caddy, it may be a good idea to choose a product that is made of stainless steel. You can also look into shower baskets; there are a million options, and they can really add to the decor of the room.

Silver Gloss: Silver gloss is the second-most popular bathroom accessory finish. It is a misnomer as it is not only not made of silver, but also not made of metal as well. Rather, it is crafted of durable plastic with a high grade paint and luxurious high gloss finish. 

However, silver gloss accessories are slightly less reflective and more matte than chrome, creating
a cleaner, less distracting look. A whole set of accessories in silver gloss work to accentuate, instead of distract from, other bathroom features. Silver gloss is designed to prevent water and soap stains from building up. Silver gloss is not
as expensive as higher-end metal finishes. However, it is a surprisingly great choice for redoing your bathroom accessories on a budget.

Higher End Finishes: More expensive finishes include the metal finishes of nickel, brass, and bronze. All of these finishes are most often used on bathroom and shower faucets.

White Plastic: White plastic has a clean look, cleans easily, and goes with everything. If you and your houseguests don’t have discerning tastes, there may no reason to go for anything flashier. However, you should still try to buy quality white plastic bathroom accessories, like the Euro line of shower dispensers that look good and will last for decades.

Here is how to choose accessories:

Since bathrooms are usually places that had to sacrifice when it comes to square feet, accessories for the bathroom need to pass a strict selection process. Overcrowded bathrooms are quite the eye-sore and should be avoided at all costs. They should be equipped only with most necessary, important items. 

Mats: The first thing that every bathroom has to have is appropriate flooring. The least expensive and pretty useful accessory for the floor is the bathroom mat. The path that allows you walk on in the bathroom must be properly marked and protected. The first reason is health-related.

Since bathroom floors are usually covered with tiles, which are not actually the warmest surface in the world and people tend to be barefoot in the bathroom, floor mats serve as feet protectors. As well all know, numerous health problems start from feet. Another reason for having a mat on the bathroom floor is the aesthetic one. When somebody comes to your home as a guest, you want them to feel comfortable in every part of your home. The bathroom is complete when there is a mat on the tiled path. 

Cloths: Towels are definitely among the most important accessories in the bathroom. As far as the number of items on the bathroom door and surrounding hook on the walls is concerned, a towel per member of family and a bathing robe is just enough. Any items beyond this number of items will look like space limiters. Apart from that, another essential cloth for the bathroom is a hand-wiping towel. In some families all members use the same towel for that purpose. In some others, everybody has their own.

Hooks: Hooks are must-have accessories, indeed. However, do not use too many, as you’ll inevitably use them all and have towels all over the bathroom.

2 thoughts on “How to Choose Bathroom Finishes & Accessories: Things You Forgot to Think Of

  1. Leslie

    Shopping for bath accessories is a major hobby of mine. I love to check out small department stores, as well as the major ones like TJ Maxx and Marshalls. They have great hand soaps as well, that are in pretty bottles. You can find many things at those types of stores that look much more expensive than they are.

  2. Rachel

    So true. Another way to make bathroom accessories look expensive is to choose some lucite or acrylic pieces. Target has some great acrylic bathroom accessories, I’d for sure check there first.


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